Monday, May 3, 2010

Next Post Delayed --> May 17th

In the mad dash to graduation, my dear readers, you've been pushed to the back burner. And I'm terribly sorry. The next mix will be uploaded on Monday, May 17th, which of course is a death sentence in blog-reading internet time. But no, it is not goodbye. The dancing doesn't stop until the music stops! So until then, stop by the bar, rest your feet and gamer-thumbs, and email your requests to

KWEH! Be back soon!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mix'd, like Tetris - Rave

"T Block-----the playing field is rendered and jagged | Square-----There is no place for a square my lord, and it's only the first level! | Squiggly-----You wish to toy with him. To torture him, for what? | R-Squiggly-----The ultimate test of faith | T Block-----Only a master of dexterity can rotate a T Block in time..."
- The Tetris Gods

Click to Play starts at 0:57 (Tetris (Rave Mix) by DJ Liquid)

Line piece, Line piece, LINE PIECE!,

Sounds Cited,
Tetris Theme - Tetris

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mix'd, like WoW - Sacred

I have one word for you my friends: Leeks.

Leeks: These tart, yet humble vegetables were hunted for their delicious fiber when they still proliferated the air. Like dandelion seeds, Leeks would stick your clothes, carelessly spinning until the winter seasons. Sadly, because of global warming and the recent resurge of country music (the Leeks' worst predator), today, the entire species can only be found in backyard gardens and sacred groves fearfully avoiding the cruel grasp of southern twang. If you are so lucky to find an airborne spinning leek, plant it, and in just a few days, you'll have a full-grown Leek tree with plenty of ripe, tart as all-get-out leeks for those lonely dinner-for-one nights.

"An apple will keep the doctor away, which is unfortunate" - Groupon Cat

Click to Play

Hack and Slash, Button Mash,

Sounds Cited,
Sacred - World of Warcraft, Elixir
Diablo II - Sound Clips

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mix'd, like WoW - XT-002

"How cute, Lil XT pet " - Blizzard

Click to Play (Power Plant - Simon Viklund)

Level Up or Gettin' Down,

Sounds Cited,
U R Bad Toys - MrVoletron